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Welcome to ED Treatment and Reviews!

The purpose of this site is to help you find treatment at a level that is appropriate for you and that  you can get the best treatment out there  that i s most fitting. There are consumer to consumer reviews that help you see between the cracks of fancy websites, and there is also a growing professional forum, where you can post direct questions to the treatment center and they will efficiently apply with updated answers.


The consumer review section now has a list of Inpatient/Residential centers, and now a column for IOP/PHP. If you have questions regarding a specific center, please post there. There is a new General Comment and Question page where you can ask general questions.


A few notes:

*To keep this a safe and productive site, please read the FAQ and guidelines.

*For a list of questions to ask/answer in a post, you can read the FAQ Guidelines and there is also a link to

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If this site helps you, please pass it along to others so it may help them.



*This is a non-profit site working on advocacy, insurance barriers, and so much more. If you have any personal situations or just don’t know where to go, don’t hesitate to fill out a contact form.

*THIS IS NOT A PRO-ED site in any way. It is liberal, but try to be objective, more on  this is in the guidelines.
Thank you to all for being willing to share their experiences in treatment over the years, that is what has kept this site going and I hope that people continue to do so in helping others find the right treatment in their journey of recovery.







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  1. anon

    re the question about United Healthcare. im asking bc i was literally all set to go someplace that fit my needs (had residential and step down) after dealing with old insurance for over 10 years of them not covering things and our insurance changed (i was hit with this about 5 days ago) im on disability and under my parents plan so if they go to United (long story) they would only do it for my needs but it would cost them a HUGE amount of $$. so unless i can find a place that takes that insurance FAST- then they cant afford to pay for it and i will be on medicare. And i know they don’t cover much and only inpt ( and short at that )which i’ve done over and over and has not worked.
    please- im desperate to be with other people who have the same issues as me and i was actually so excited to go to the place i had found. im now about to have a nervous breakdown from stress bc my family thinks bc outpt therapy is covered i will be ok. im not and need more structure to gain weight and have become so isolated its making me nuts. and i live in an area where there are no support groups even- let alone AN help when i did have other insurance.

    1. admin

      Some ideas…You
      You need to call United and get in touch with a case manager who deals with behavioral health, eating disorders etc. I know what state you are in, but the parity bill has passed where eating disorders are supposed to be treated the same as medical problems. You need to keep a log of everyone you talk to and when, and what came of the phone call. If the first person doesn’t help, talk to the supervisor, work your way up, be BOLD.You may have to appeal 1-2 times. Get you medical records, get letters from your doctors, your therapists, etc. It can be a tedious process, you still might have a copay, some treatment centers still require payment upfront and will submit your insurance, and then reimburse you the costs after they have received payment.

      Even if you do end up on Medicare, there are still a good number of decent treatment centers you can go to across the US. In fact, it’s somewhat easier than dealing with private insurances. If you end up on state medicaid, there are possible options with that as well. It’s another arduous appealing process, but you can get your local ombudsman involved and once again it’s getting your treatment team to back you up. Hope some of this helps.

  2. anon

    can someone please respond ASAP-does anyone know of any place that is contracted with united healthcare? i know all plans are different but i need a starting pt. thanks

    1. admin

      as mentioned above, all plans are different, call United, get with a case manager and see if they can find a list of who they cover. sometimes they are total idiots and you need to make a list and flat out ask them if they cover the center, OR, call the center and have them run your insurance.

  3. L

    Could anyone possibly do a recent review of The Ranch in TN?

  4. Concerned

    Is there any way we can search recent comments from past days, instead of being limited to only the 10 most recent comments?

    1. admin

      i am trying to work on some new formats but have come up against alot of barriers. it’s an excellent suggestion and i will try to work that in. there is a search function on the main page but i don’t know how helpful that will be. if there is anything particular you are looking for i can try to help you the best i can. thanks.

  5. Anon

    Can anyone do a review of Mercy Hospital’s New England Eating Disorder Program in Portland, Maine?

    1. anon

      Same. Yes please i’m interested as well. I’ve posted if ANYONE knows anything about this place several times but no responses……=( I know its small and kind in remote location- but anyone? Not many choices in this area. Thanks!
      And to the above “other Anon”- is it new? thought it had been around a bit b/c my insurance mentioned it to my dr a few years ago…….from what it could get from intake people at the time they were (short – as in number of hours per day ) day program. They claimed they actually cut back the # of hours per day and it’s actually better now. Didn’t really totally understand. And they had no assurance of housing if you came from out of the area and once you could get into the housing they used you had to vacate on the weekends??? AND when i said that was an issue (its a far drive for me, on meds that make me sleepy etc…) and they just kept telling me that parents drove from all parts of Maine to bring their children their. Well that great but 1. i have no one to drive me and i’m adult and 2. yes they probably do b/c they are the only facility i know of in Maine. However, no Ed specialist has ever mentioned it …it only came up bc my insurance co had a contract with them. So thats my knowledge- but id love to know if you know more.

      So… if they have expanded please post anything you know- it would be greatly appreciated as well as anyone who can do a review.

  6. Sarah

    Anything on Center for Discovery in Washington, and the 2 in California?

  7. Kathryn

    Has anyone heard of or been to a place called “Desert Star” in Tuscan, Arizona?

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