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Welcome to the new home of ED Treatment Review.  I appreciate everyone’s patience as continued construction and changes occur. Please continue to comment, ask questions, and let me know of ideas, questions, anything!

**Please read the FAQ and Guidelines as the comments will be more closely monitored for both maintenance and accuracy of information posted.

A few extra notes:

**This is a resource site, not pro-ed in any way

**Please try to remain objective in reviews and stick to facts, some experiences are positive, and some are not. This is a pretty liberal site with the hope of getting up to date information, but posts that completely bash centers with no objectivity will not usually be approved.

**Please do not use names in your postings, there is more on this in the FAQ.

The Professional forum is growing! Remember you can post questions to these centers and staff from those centers will be able to reply to youre specific questions/concerns. There has been an added notation “*” next to the name of the center to let you know it’s one of the professional pages,

So if you want the most updated answers and there isn’t an updated consumer reviews, definitely worth checking out! Hopefully it will continue to grow!  Please contact me with any concerns, questions, ideas, etc!

If you find this site helpful, feel free to pass it on and mention it to others which will enable to help us build a better data base!

 **You may begin to notice areas where there adverts may be placed. This is strictly to keep the site maintained and running, the host, and the domain. In no way is it a “for profit” site. In fact, it would be great to start a scholarship fund in the future if able to do so once more resources are developed.



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  1. Julie Greene

    My advice to anyone going to any of these places is to keep written records of everything that happens. Make sure they have everything down accurately in your chart. For instance, if they decide at 2pm Monday to allow you a morning cup of caffeinated coffee, and this is a special privilege, then by golly they’ll forget by Tuesday morning and if it’s not written down in your chart, you’re out of luck. You can tell them yourself that this coffee has been arranged and approved, but they will not believe you. They will assume you are telling a lie, even if you say the exact person with whom you spoke. They might even say this person doesn’t exist and that you are delusional. It’s all about power, and unfortunately, some people get jobs in these places because they enjoy having power over others. We patients are on the bottom in Western medicine and sick equals wrong in their eyes. So do what you can within the system. Your chart is a legal document. Know what’s in it (they generally don’t want patients reading their own charts) and make sure, with every bit of control you have that they haven’t taken away, that they have every agreement and every procedure and decision in writing.

    1. dn

      So very true! It happened to me multiple times to the point I had to get everything in writing and verify it was added to my chart. Make sure to always say “Check my chart” or carry around signed papers.

      Basically, you are always considered guilty until proven innocent ):

  2. Ash

    Is there a link for Mercy Ministries U.S??? I’d like to see some current reviews. Thanks

    1. admin

      i added a link, i don’t believe we have anything truly current but i will double check.

  3. Julie Greene

    I should add that you can’t judge these places by their websites! If they have a sleek website, all it means is that they have a skilled web designer and nothing more. Even the wording of their blurbs is often carefully done by PR people. I would trust someone who has been to the place over anyone else. In ALL cases, whether it’s reading their PR stuff, talking to Admissions people, talking to other people’s parents or friends or family, or to patients and former patients themselves, read between the lines!

    You really have to consider what’s important and what you value as far as care goes. The admissions personnel are trying to sell a product and are doing their darndest to make the place look good. Some of these admissions people seem to know how to do loopholes in insurance and get you covered, while others play dumb and are unhelpful. I’ve talked to admissions people who knew nothing about ED and were just data entry people, completely untrained in mental health issues, just knew how to punch numbers into a computer.

    Most admissions people and most of the higher-ups that I’ve talked to at these programs will talk a blue streak until I tell them I live in poverty and am on public assistance….Then they very abruptly hang up….Do they think all ED’s are rich, like the stereotype? Naw, once you’ve had this for years and years, if you’ve ever had any money to begin with, it’s long gone.

    Ask and dig deep. If they give you a vague answer, ask for clarification. Once you get there, make sure they tell you a straight story upfront. Have everything in writing, everything. If something happens and you find yourself helpless and without rights or any kind of choice, at least write down for yourself everything that happened, what was said, what decisions were made, all details. You will be surprised how this can come in handy in the future.


    1. Robert Johnson


      While your note may come across as cynical to some, I have to agree with everything you say. Programs are often large and lucrative businesses and getting the straight dope on a program can be difficult indeed.

      One other thing I would be wary of are statistics that talk about “cure rates”. These claims may be based on whether the person continues to meet the formal DSM criterion, rather than a true and lasting psychological recovery.

      If they can document that a person with Bulimia has not purged for the number of days mentioned in the DSM criterion, the person is technically “cured”. The same with anorexia : if a person’s BMI is raised about the DSM threshold for Anorexia, they are also technically “cured” as well.

      Not that these statistics are lies, or that the programs are actually bad, but rather that these sorts of statistics don’t always reflect what most people would consider true recovery, and may thus be misleading.

      Eating Disorders are complex psychological conditions rather than a simple list of criterion, and I would be leery of programs that put an inordinate emphasis on statistics like these.

      Bob J. / AndThen

      1. Julie Greene

        Oh yes, Bob, I would agree with that. According to a certain treatment center, I was “cured” a number of times. When I went back I was surprised at what they had written about me. I didn’t see the actual wording, but I’ve noticed that these “discharge summaries” are not only written for the next doctor treating the patient, but for the insurance companies and accreditation people. Weight gain does not mean recovery…I cannot say it enough. The times they actually did put weight on me, my self-esteem dropped very low. I left last time in terrible medical condition and they hadn’t taken my blood for three days. I was dehydrated and barely made it home. Of course, none of this was recorded in any official records and they made it look like everything was hunky-dory.

        **edited for resource information but in order to not target any certain treatment centers as such situations happen at many places

  4. Sam

    Was wondering if there was a reason McCallum isn’t on list? I’m wondering if you chose only the most recent reviews of places? I guess that would cut down on trying to go through most stuff to get to the reviews. Most likely if the reviews were done years ago things have changed. I’m hoping that as more people find out about the site they will have more current reviews for places. Thanks for your work

    1. admin

      accidentally missed it, thanks for bringing it to my attention! i am only moving over the most recent information possible due to the amount of changes that have occurred, and there have even been a lot of changes at places after some of the information posted so always looking for updated reviews! spread the word and hopefully that database will continue to grow! if i’ve missed others please let me know!

  5. OG

    Will you be adding Rogers Memorial Hospital to the US treatment facilities? Also, if there are some new reviews from anyone who has been there recently, it would be great to know. Thanks!

    1. admin

      sorry i had moved it over but forgot the link, hopefully its all up there now!

  6. Anonymus

    in treatment centers, what do you do during community?

  7. Jaime

    Any reviews on river oaks?

    1. admin

      some past reviews are now up

      1. OG

        Thank you for linking and being so prompt with that. Off topic – have facilities or providers (professionals) engaged you in providing their own feedback? It would really make for such a more thorough bit of information. I’m just curious if “they” (professionals) are willing to supply their own thoughts?

        1. admin

          trying to work on building the professional aspect currently, i think it will add a dynamic aspect as well. let me know of any other places that might need to be added. thank you!!

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