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How it works:

This area will still need some growth and construction, but hopefully become a valuable and unique resource. By clicking on the links on the right-those are treatment centers that have become members of the site and are willing to answer your questions, concerns, etc. If you are a treatment center interested in joining the forum, please contact me!

If you have a questions or concern you would like addressed specifically from treatment center staff, THIS is the forum to do so. In addition it will hopefully update a lot of information and changes that have occurred over the past couple years.

Consumers! please continue to provide honest reviews under the Consumer section, just because a center becomes a member does not mean there will be a bias.

The process works the same way as the consumer review process. When you click on the treatment center name, you will be taken to a page where more information will be posted, and if you have specific questions you want answered by THEIR STAFF, place a comment. Anonymity still exists, however, respect the guidelines, but don’t please feel free to ask and review authentically as that is what this community a valuable resource.

I can empathize getting out of treatment and really frustrated with everything and not having a magic cure. I ask that you please take a step back and breathe and try to write, ask, etc. from your wise wind,,

Hopefully it’s not too difficult to navigate, feel free to contact me with concerns and questions.

You are all courageous, both those seeking treatment and those providing. Thank you!

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  1. Anon says:

    If there are any treatment centers currently offering services to people struggling with Eating Disorder and PTSD who only have Medicare, that can offer a single case agreement/scholarship for residential care please respond. I desperately need help and support.

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