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If you have a broad question or something that doesn’t fit just one center page please post in the new General Form. DO NOT post under these comments as they will archived soon. Questions or comments about centers, go to the specific page and share. Thanks you!

These are reviews by patients that have actually been to the treatment center. General discussion about treatment or questions, post here. However, ACTUAL center reviews and specific questions, please post on the center’s page using the links located on the left of this page. Thank you!

*Just another reminder to please refrain from using names due to legal and other privacy purposes. Much appreciation.

*I can empathize getting out of treatment and really frustrated with everything and not having a magic cure. I ask that you please take a step back and breathe and try to write, ask, etc. from your wise wind,,

Hopefully it’s not too difficult to navigate, feel free to contact me with concerns and questions.

You are all courageous, both those seeking treatment and those providing. Thank you!

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  1. ELW12345 says:

    I have been to Avalon Hills, oliver pyatt (horrible experience), Renfrew, Princeton, Somerset, Laurel Hill (back in the day) and many many other IOP/PHP programs. Can someone suggest a good program for me? I am struggling yet again and want to do something different this time…. Hopefully something will stick… Optimally some place that takes insurance

    • Faith H says:

      Renfrew has been added. I believe the IOP programming of Monte Nido falls under the Center for Eating Disorder/Monte Nido Affiliates


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