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How it works:

The professional forum is a completely new forum to ED Treatment Reviews, not to be confused with Ask the Treatment Center. This forum is a place for individual professionals to post their services, researchers to post study openings, events related to eating disorders, and advocacy opportunities. It is also a place where the client and the professionals have a chance to connect if looking for more resources. This will be a building forum that will hopefully grow quickly and become a great resource. 

Research Opportunities

Currently holds a few research opportunities but always open for more, just contact me!

Individual Professional Listings

Under Construction-Contact me if you are an individual professional provider and would like to post your services.

Eating Disorder Event Calender

A calendar of dates for events about eating disorders such as NEDA walks, conferences, webinars, etc. Contact me if you would like your event to be posted.

Recent Research Articles

Under Construction-will hold recent research articles for those interested in some of the latest studies on eating disorders.

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